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Welcome to Nsane-Tech Support Website. Nsane-Tech is an mIRC based chat channel which deals with pc support, modding, repair, overclocking, and more. Also I am starting to give out e-mails if you want one just click on the support tab to find out where to apply. The forum is now up and you can try it out and help start up the community. If you feel like you would make a good Moderator, more information is in the support tab. Anyways thanks for visiting and helping the Nsane-Tech community grow. Regards,


mIRC Information

The Nsane-Tech mIRC channel is located on the network in #Nsane-Tech. To get directed right there if you have mIRC installed click Here.

Download mIRC

You can download mIRC at

and if your new to mIRC you can read a tutorial here: